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New Jersey Daily Fantasy Sports

New Jersey fans, are you into Daily Fantasy Sports? Then buckle up and check out the best sites to play on here in New Jersey. New Jersey online fantasy sports betting has been around since the year 2017 when sports betting became officially legalized and became the 16th state in the USA to do so.

This is not a surprise since New Jersey is known to have a friendly attitude towards gambling. But having DFS in NJ will require a set of skills opposite of luck since you have to know which players are playing well recently and many more.

Below, we will be discussing DFS with you guys.







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What is DFS?

Daily fantasy sports are not as complicated as you think. It’s based on a season-long fantasy contest that millions of people play each year — especially for basketball and the NBA Season.

Fantasy Basketball works the same way as to how other fantasy sports works. It is based on you creating a team of players from their respective league and earning points based on their value and real-life performance.

The points you earned with the Fantasy NBA determine the winners and losers of either that day, week, or season. There are only a few players who get drafted in the regular formats compared to the other fantasy sports or games and that’s why the Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy can be easy to learn.

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Types of DFS and its Contests

The most used version of DFS is when users select a sport and a contest to enter. After that, you and other contestants will select players to form a team, under a salary cap that the site provides. Each player available is provided with a fake monetary dollar value depending on their recent game performance and health.

Below is a list of some examples of different types of DFS contests:

  • 50/50
    A set number of teams joins a pool. Only the top half of the players will get the prize while the other half will get nothing. For this type of custom, you really don’t have to make the best team to win the prize pool. You just have to make sure you are within the top half of the number of participants.
  • Cash Games
    You can create your very own league here and ask your friends or other players to join to compete for real money. In cash games, you win by having the most total wins among the other competitors.
  • Head-to-Head
    As the name implies, it is a competition between two players. Each player will build their team intending to get the highest-scoring roster. The winner will get the entire prize but will be deducted whatever the rake is from the site.
  • Guaranteed Prize Pools
    You are to set an entry fee for you to be able to join and compete for a share of GPP. This type of contest runs regardless of whether the number of contestants is filled or not.
  • Leagues
    Most sites offer leagues to be played publicly or privately. It’s also similar to cash games but the only difference is that the league usually has between 3 to 100 entries. The payouts in leagues are lower than GPPs, but it’s shared the same way.

Sports Offered by New Jersey DFS Betting Sites

The most popular ones being offered on DFS are the major North American team sports:

  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Basketball (NBA)
  • Football (NFL)
  • Hockey (NHL)

Sites like DraftKings, FanDuel, and other sites also offer many other sports. Below is a list of some examples:

  • College Basketball
  • College Football
  • Golf
  • Esports (Professional Videogame Competition)
  • Mixed Martial Sports
  • Soccer
  • UEFA European Championships

Additionally, there are plenty of other sports being offered at some of the fantasy sports betting sites.

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The Difference Between DFS and Sports Betting

The difference between the two is that sports betting involves trying to predict and outwit the sportsbook, while in daily fantasy gambling, you compete with the other competitors and win against them. Most of the time, sports bettors’ concerns are only about the outcome of the matches they’ve bet on. Daily fantasy gambling competitors, on the other hand, are only concerned about the players’ performances.

Coronavirus Update — Is DFS Still Up and Running?

Most of the major professional sports’ season like the NBA’s 2020-2021 season is back. DFS went on a standstill together with the rest of the world due to the still ongoing Pandemic since early 2020. However, the whole world is starting to recover but precautions are still being made to ensure the safety of both staff and players. Some sporting events and activities on the sportsbook platforms, especially New Jersey online sports betting, are back to their usual craze.

As sports gambling is coming back to its feet in New Jersey, we hope that everyone will be safe and everything will be back to normal for we could enjoy watching sports and betting again.


What is the Best Daily Fantasy Sports Site?

The best daily fantasy sports site for us is PointsBet Sportsbook. It has the best-in-class online gambling interface and mobile app. Additionally, they offer great promotions for their customers, especially to the new ones. Press the highlighted portion to know more about PointsBet Sportsbook.

What is The Best Place to Play Fantasy Football For Money?

PointsBet Sportsbooks. It’s a legal sportsbook in New Jersey that is being regulated and provided a license to operate by the DGE. It has a user-friendly interface despite being slick. Most popular leagues and contests are being offered here. Most importantly, the sportsbook is safe and secure to play cash games.

Is Fantasy Sports Betting Legal in New Jersey?

Yes. Fantasy Sports Betting is legal in New Jersey. Just make sure you are playing on a legal site.