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Poker 8: New Online Poker Platform Arrives in New Jersey

New Jersey has put out 888poker. It has also embraced a new platform from 888, which now goes by the name evoke, or Poker 8.

A day before the 55th World Series of Poker began in Las Vegas, Poker 8 went live in both the Garden State and Nevada. According to a press release, Poker 8 offers NJ poker players “superior gameplay experiences,” as well as “smoother gameplay on desktops, laptops, and mobile phones (iOS & Android), faster loading times, and exceptional overall player functionality compared to legacy poker platforms.”

“With a relentless focus on customer experience, our poker offering has continually evolved and extended the boundaries for online poker players globally for more than two decades,” Jeffrey Haas, chief growth officer at evoke, said in a statement. “The most recent poker platform upgrade in America will provide more excellent gameplay experiences for players in Michigan, New Jersey, and Nevada. We look forward to working with our World Series of Poker partners to use this technology to improve their clients’ online poker experiences significantly.

“Poker is a game of liquidity and network effects, and our Poker 8 upgrade will be a catalyst for expansion.”

Exploring New Jersey’s Most Recent Online Poker Platform

Poker 8 has been operating in Michigan for several years. By expanding into Nevada and New Jersey, WSOP NJ became part of the first group to connect the three states.

A press release stated that Poker 8 is “a generational upgrade” in the company’s technology. It includes:

  • Powerful Player Account Management (PAM) system
  • Integrated CRM functionality.
  • Excellent iGaming to enhance the poker experience.

The iGaming feature enables NJ online casino partners of Inspire to integrate over 175 casino games featuring progressive jackpots.

Poker 8 Launches the First NJ-NV-MI Shared Liquidity

Just a few weeks ago, 888 announced the impending closure of its poker platform and 888casino. At the time, executives predicted that the brand would go offline by June 3. That deadline has already been moved to June 17.

However, 888 has changed its name to evoke. To replace its predecessor, Poker 8 has established itself in New Jersey. The shared pool with Michigan and Nevada has increased the “depth and breadth” of the tournament and cash games.

“It’s a monumental day to bring the new item to market in time for the 2024 World Series of Poker,” said Ty Stewart, WSOP’s executive director, in a news release.

“While we will always strive to provide the biggest tournaments in the industry year-round, this is the time when participants can enjoy exclusive satellites and promos.”