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NJ Sports Betting

NJ Sports Betting is one of the few states in the US to legalize sports betting. This includes both offline and online. Soon after, mobile apps were launched. This enabled bettors to place their bets easier through their smartphones.

But being legalized among the states in the country wasn’t as easy as 123. Sports betting NJ fought for decades for this legalization to take place.

Sports Betting New Jersey won the battle and currently runs its operation. When the regulation on sports gambling in NJ came about, that was when the surge of wagering platforms saturated the markets.

Remember, when choosing NJ sportsbooks, always keep in mind to prioritize your safety. Always choose from the options suggested to you from a trusted site. They also provide you with the New Jersey sports betting update.

What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting is an entertaining way of forecasting the results of your favorite sports and putting bets on them. You can either place your bets on both the amateur and professional levels.

Major sporting events like Boxing, American Football, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Auto Racing, Mixed Martial Arts, and Track Cycling are the most popular among sports betting. These sports are mostly waged events and anticipated globally.

Surprisingly, it is not only sports that gained popularity among betting. Non-sporting events such as political elections, reality show contests, illegal underground cockfighting, greyhound racing, and horse racing are the other widely betted activities.

Sports betting not only brought fun and excitement to the sports fans. It also brought controversies to major sporting events.

These incidents impacted not only the integrity of the sports league but also the players. Spot-fixing, points shaving, bad calls from the official, and overall match-fixing are the most common acts of game manipulations.

The 1919 World Series and 2002 NBA Championship games are the two relevant examples of the biggest controversy and misconduct in a major sporting event. Players and officials included Pete Rose, a former MLB player, and Tim Donaghy, a former NBA referee.

Both parties admitted to illegal gambling. To which Tim Donaghy released a public statement citing the Game 6 of the 2002 NBA Western Conference finals was planned out.

This was one of the most controversial games in the history of the NBA.

When Did It Start?

According to history, records of the first sports betting event dates way back 2000 thousand years ago. It was when the Olympics were introduced to the public.

This record of the earliest Sports Betting took place in Ancient Greece. They are well known for their admiration for Sports. After the birth of the Olympics, it was also the beginning of the outreach of sports betting to Ancient Rome.

The Romans would wage on their Gladiator Games, which is their known sporting event. But eventually, the sports came to an end. Even though the Gladiator Games discontinued, sports betting continues to expand widely to the other kingdoms.

While it was accepted and even apprehended by others, Religious leaders made steps against sports betting. In the Medieval Times, they made laws banning sports betting.

These actions forced sports betting to go underground to continue its operations. Still, sports betting thrived as more sports were later on presented to the world.

During the early 19th century, Horse Racing was the most anticipated sporting event among the bettors. It also made a huge contribution to the development of NJ sports betting in the US.

Since then, sports betting rocketed its way up to the market.

When Did It Start Getting Popular Online?

nj sports bettingAs the years went by, advancements in our technology made our everyday lives easier and faster. With that, sports betting continued to rise and expand throughout the world.

This upgrade in our technology made NJ sports betting online more accessible to the public. Sports betting started not long after the launch of the early casinos.

To date, Intertops was the earliest online sports betting company, which was launched online in 1996. They started and were established in 1983 offline.

Aside from that, Intertops was also the first sportsbook to launch its mobile wagering site in the year 2000.

After the launch of Intertops, sports betting grew its popularity online. It became popular among bettors globally since opting to bet online was much faster and easier.

The impact of the internet on sports betting was huge and gave ideas to investors to take in the industry. Soon after, other new companies emerged as the demands in the market increased.

Mostly, existing bookmakers who operate offline started catering and opening their doors to online bettors. These efforts were made to upgrade their business and join the fast-moving pace of people’s lives through the internet.

The ascending popularity of smartphones all around the world also grew sports betting online fame. This also led to a surge of online betting companies to saturate the market.

When it comes to online casinos, to attract bettors, the wagering sites offer various and generous kinds of free bets to new and existing users. As the market is getting saturated with online sports betting companies, the competition was high.

To stand out from the others, companies think of unique ways to attract new users. This includes enhancing a range of different types of bets, cashback offers, increasing odds, and sign up bonuses.

When Did NJ Sports Betting Came to Its State?

Provided sports betting long history since a thousand years ago, NJ sports betting on the other hand played an important role in the introduction of sports betting in the US.

A long time ago, New Jersey betting ran a lottery system. This dated way back from the French and Indian War.

These lottery systems were utilized to finance partially their responsibility for the American Revolution. With these, New Jersey served as a standard for gambling laws in the US.

Laws covered all legal sports betting, legal online casinos, and also land-based establishments.

In 1894, all forms of betting were banned. But still, New Jersey was permitted to partial betting for churches and other non-profit organizations.

When it comes to casinos in NJ, you might want to head out for Atlantic City.

This was a result of a new referendum that permitted the building of casinos in NJ as long as they are within the limits of Atlantic City.

This referendum was dated way back in 1976.

As of today, there is always a push in NJ sports betting to allow the opening of casinos in different areas outside Atlantic City.

Can You Bet on Sports in New Jersey?

Yes of course!

After the release of the referendum which was dated back in 1976, people can put wagers on their most loved sports. But it also stated that gambling establishments should not go outside Atlantic City’s borders.

Though the US has very few and limited legal sports betting, NJ betting is one of them. But still, New Jersey has quite a number of legal online sportsbooks and casinos for bettors to choose from.

For a player to qualify for betting NJ sports gambling, he/she must be at the legal age of 21. This is a common requirement for people who want to engage in adult activities like gambling.

In signing up for an online sportsbook, customers will be required to input their personal information in the registration process.

This also includes an authentication process whether the customer is stating their correct age or not.

Other sites also include a picture of the customer’s valid ID as part of the authentication process. By that, they are making sure the customer is 100% qualified to wage on the sportsbook.

People might say manipulation with their own public information is quick and easy. Changing the date of birth, name, and address is easy.

But, we should tell you as a warning, falsification of public documents is illegal. You don’t want to get in trouble for breaking that law not only in the US but in any part of the world.

This will not only cause you stress and headache but also money. So before you make that illegal move, think twice.

If you are still under the age of 21, it only means you are not qualified to play or wager on sports betting in New Jersey.

When Will Sports Betting Be Legal In NJ?

Is sports betting legal in NJ?

Yes, It is.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie marked enactment permitting sports wagering in sports gambling New Jersey in January 2012. That was held in November 2011.

The state’s 12 clubs and 4 courses were allowed by the law to offer to bet on pro and school sports. However, it also restricts them from tolerating wagers on school functions played in New Jersey, or out-of-state games including New Jersey school groups.

The NCAA, NBA, NFL, the National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball recorded a government claim against New Jersey to forestall sports wagering. Given the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 which prohibited games wagering in everything except four states.

United States District Court Judge Michael A. Shipp decided for the athletic classes and banished New Jersey from giving games wagering licenses in February 2013.

The court decided that under the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution in February 2013. According to the guidelines of betting and the allowing of a provision to four states is inside Congress’ capacity.

A three-judge board from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals cast a ballot 2-1 to maintain Shipp’s decision in September 2013. Christie stated that he will advance the case to the United States Supreme Court.

The Battle Begins..

New Jersey tested the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA). This had adequately grandfathered Nevada’s government legal restraining infrastructure on lawful games wagering in 2014.

The Supreme Court consented to hear Christie v. Public Collegiate Athletic Association on June 27, 2017. The court gave its conclusion in Murphy v. Public Collegiate Athletic Association on May 14, 2018.

Deciding that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was illegal, the court reversed the Appeals Court resolution. As Justice Alito composed the assessment supporting New Jersey’s affirmation.

Positive news as it permitted New Jersey to push forward with plans to execute legalized games wagering.

So When Was Nj Sports Betting Officially Legalized?

Governor Phil Murphy sealed the Assembly Bill 4111, legitimizing sports wagering at gambling clubs and courses inside sports betting in NJ on June 11, 2018.

In August 2018, the very first new jersey online sports betting was placed in.

Can You Bet on College Sports in NJ Sports Betting?

No. You cannot.

New Jersey sports betting is one of the few to be legalized. Yet, restricts betting on Collegiate sports.

Betting on college sports even if the event is taking place outside the state of New Jersey. Including betting on a New Jersey team.

Political estimation and a non-issue when it was presented as one of the culprits of New Jersey’s restriction of wagering on in-state school groups.

Yet, after nine years, it may be awful for business. This was with the Seton Hall and Rutgers men’s ball groups creating effective seasons simultaneously.

While Rutgers is unranked presently however showed up in the survey for about fourteen days this season, without precedent for a very long time.

In any case, there will be no legitimate wagering on the intensely foreseen games from inside the most anticipated sports wagering market in the United States.

In addition to this, the school authorities dread school players might be impacted to control the result of a game. They might also be constrained to share private data, for instance, an injury involving a team player.

The fundamental authoritative driver behind New Jersey sports wagering, Previous State Sen. Raymond Lesniak, said he was and still is against the school group disclaimer in the state’s law. He remembered the special case for a request to offer the measure a superior chance at progressing.

Wagering is additionally prohibited on any university games that happen inside New Jersey’s fringes, regardless of whether they include a New Jersey group.

However, NCAA March Madness is exempted from the law stating that it doesn’t have any significant bearing on school competitions.

Do You Have To Live In New Jersey To Bet Online?

After Gov. Phil Murphy sealed the sports betting in New Jersey into law in June 2018, the first legal bets were placed three days later. And also, the first online sports betting NJ mobile and NJ sportsbook went live in July of the same year.

Also, together with the rise of the internet and the fast growth of smartphone providers in our modern age, a lot of people are hooked on doing online transactions. Online sports betting NJ has no escape to that.

With its uncontrollable rise around the world, sports betting NJ online is gaining popularity among gamblers. This is also a result of quicker and faster access through the internet and its apps.

But who is qualified to bet in New Jersey?

As we have mentioned earlier, a bettor should be at least 21+ years to register for an online betting NJ sportsbook. The registration process only takes a minute or two depending on the site’s registration process.

They would also require your personal information in the authentication process in a sportsbook new jersey. This is to certify that the data inputted is true and relevant.

A qualified bettor should also be physically inside New Jersey’s borders to bet. It doesn’t matter if you are just passing by or visiting New Jersey. As long as you are inside the states, you can bet in New Jersey Sports Gambling.

This is also for the non-residents of the state. While you are inside New Jersey, you can bet on any NJ online sportsbook that is legally available in the area.

For bettors outside New Jersey, you cannot utilize the sports betting NJ-based platforms to place your bets. These platforms are only available for people who are in New Jersey.

Once you are registered on a sportsbook NJ, you cannot register again. Double registration is not allowed. One registration is sufficient enough per user.

Do You Pay Taxes on Sports Betting in New Jersey?

Great power comes with great responsibility. Also in legal gambling, when you acquire a great fortune, tax responsibilities come after your new jersey sportsbooks winnings.

When Governor Phil Murphy signed a law in 2018, it also subjected the New Jersey Gross Income Tax. This includes legalized gambling and illegal gambling. Legal gambling includes sports betting, casino, racetrack, and more.

According to New Jersey’s State Law, these are the tax percentage that a winning bettor is responsible for:

Withholding Rate for a Bettor’s Gambling Winnings

For a winning bettor, New Jersey Income Tax is withheld at an amount equal to 3%. This is based on the payout for both New Jersey residents and non-residents.

New Jersey Gambling and Lottery

Making Estimated Payments

In avoiding penalties and interest a person must make estimated payments. Especially in the events of not having enough withholdings in covering New Jersey Income Tax liability.

Out of The State Sales

A bettor’s winnings from a New Jersey location are still taxable to nonresidents or its visitors.

Calculating Taxable Income

In calculating taxable income, a bettor may use their waging losses to offset winnings from the same year. This should not exceed your total winnings.

In the event that losses are greater than the winnings, losses cannot be reported on the New Jersey tax return.

Instead, the person should acclaim zero profit for net winnings. But proofs or your losses should be presented accordingly.

This evidence of a person’s losses includes losing tickets, a daily log or journal of wins and losses, canceled checks, notes, and others. Hence, detailed and in order gambling winnings and losses are not required with New Jersey tax returns.

A person may simply attach a supporting statement that indicates their total winnings and losses.

Reporting Taxable Winnings

Always include taxable New Jersey Gambling winnings in the category of “net gambling winnings”. This is found in the New Jersey Gross Income Tax return.

Always refer to NJ sports betting news to get updates on tax responsibilities.

Where Could You Place Your Bets Online in NJ Sports Betting?

The rise of the internet was not the only basis for sports betting’s popularity to grow online.

The number of users increased as more people are getting connected to the internet with the use of their smartphones. It not only brought people closer together but also the entertainment industry.

It allowed bettors to place their bets on their favorite sports anywhere in the world. Therefore, people can enjoy the thrill and excitement of their favorite sports at home.

As we have mentioned earlier, the market for online gambling new jersey is saturated with hundreds of online sportsbooks. Choosing the right one for your fitting might be confusing.

To ensure that you are in good hands, picking the legal and registered ones should be on top of your priority. Not only the legit ones crowd the market, but also the scammers who also love to attract bettors with their unrealistic offers.

Therefore, we provided you with a list of legal and registered NJ online sports betting:







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By clicking on the “Play Now” button, you will be redirected to the online sportsbook review page. In there you can read what they are offering, NJ sports betting news, and their advantages compared to the others.

Also, types of bets, new jersey sports betting news, wagering options are available for you to view there. Be free to explore which ones you find comfortable to be with and suit you best.

The privileges of these online sportsbooks are not only intended for new customers but also for existing ones. So it doesn’t matter if you are new or existing to them, you can still enjoy your sportsbook of choice.

Presidential Odds

In our future chapters, we might include presidential odds and analysis. In the previous part, we already mentioned that betting was not only bound in sports. It also includes non-sporting events like politics.

This also includes betting tips and vegas odds trump 2020.

But for now, enjoy exploring NJ Sports Betting top-rated online sportsbooks in the Market. Don’t forget to click the “Play Now” button to know more about the sportsbook’s review and offers.