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Super Bowl LV (55) is upon us and what I match-up. we´re gonna get the NFL´s top teams this season punching their tickets to the game of their life. A rematch from the week 12 game. Already before the game has even started have we seen history being made with the Tamba Bay Buccaneers making history as they´ll be the first team ever to play in the Super Bowl with home field advantage.

During SBLV we will have multiple key match ups that will determine the fate of the game. The future Hall of Famer Patrick Mahomes will go into his second super bowl with the Kansas City Cheifs. This season the Chiefs have punched their tickets to the endzone a total of 64 times incl. playoff. This leads me to my first pick.

During the season we save the KC Chiefs take a small win at 27-24 @TB. Mahomes stat line for the game ender at 37/49 for 462 (regular season high) Yards with 3 touchdowns to follow with no interceptions. In the games were Mahomes were a starter and played throughout the game the Chiefs ended with 10 games with 30+ pts 10 times. He came back from concussion protocol in the Conference championship game and showed that he is still a top QB. The key in this bet should also be seen in the fact that Mahomes probably lost out on the season MVP to Aaron Rodgers and I believe that the fire within him will be a critical factor to consider. He won the Super Bowl MVP last year with a great 4th Quarter comeback.

Mahomes Over 2.5 Touchdowns thrown

Coming back from concussion protocol we saw that Mahomes held back on his elusiveness and ended with a total of 5 yards with a couple of kneels that counted for -1 yards verus the Buffalo Bills. I still believe that the Kansas City Chiefs run game will see a smaller role with the passing game being a top priority. I have a strong opinion that Mahomes will see a minimum amount of rush attempts. The reason being the combination of his turf toe and the prior concussion protocol injury looming every time he crosses line of scrimmage. The possibility of a late 2nd quarter kneel and garbage time that would count for -1 yard per attempt is a bonus that benefits out pick.

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The second pick being: Patrick Mahomes Under 19.5 Rushing Yards 1.90 Unibet

So, this pick being a gimmick pick but hear me out. During the 2020 season we have seen a total of 6 coaching challenges between Bruce Arians and Andy Reid. Reid with a 100% success rate. Bruce Arians with a 60% success rate. This being a 66,67% success rate in total. During the Super Bowl 55 we will have replays and the possibility of losing a timeout will make the coaches think one more time before throwing the red flag. It´s unclear to me if the person controlling the on-screen replay in the stadium will be a Tamba Bay employee. If that happens I see even more betvalue.

Outcome of First Coaches Challenge à Play Overturned 1.90 Unibet

More bets to follow during the week. To comment on Spread and Over/Under I want to get closer since Covid-19 can change the spread along with the latest updates to injurie report.

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