Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. This is because, unlike card and dice-based table games, no experience or in-depth knowledge of roulette is needed to start playing. In our guide, you will find everything you need to know about playing online roulette. This includes the different variants of the game, its rules, possible bets, and strategies.

History of the Roulette

History of the RouletteThe origin of the game of roulette is very controversial. However, some historians state that it was the French mathematician, Blaise Pascal, who invented it in the 8th century. It is believed that as a genius in mathematics, physics, and arithmetic, he created a numbered wheel that he would use to work with probabilities and that later became the modern roulette.

The first mention of roulette in literature was in the book “A Roulette” by Jacques Lablée, in 1796. In his writings, he mentions how roulette was popular at the French palaces at the time.

The European version of the roulette, which distinguishes itself by having one single zero, was invented in 1886 by two French brothers, Louis and François Blanc. The new variant of the roulette became so popular that a few years later, they opened the well-known Monte Carlo Casino.

In the 19th century, when the European roulette was brought to America, it earned a double zero, and a new variant of the roulette was born. Presently, the American roulette is one of the United States’ main attractions.

In the 1990s, with technological advancements and the growing use of computers and the internet, some casinos started offering online games, which made roulette even more popular and widely available to gamblers.

Types of Roulette and Game Rules

Because it is quite an old game and widespread worldwide, roulette has undergone several modifications over the years. Currently, three types of roulette are played in casinos: American, European, and French. The basic rules of the game, however, are always the same:

  • The table holds up to six players. If you are playing online, you will either be playing alone or live with other players.
  • A minimum and maximum bets are usually established for a given table, and you cannot exceed that amount.
  • At the start of the game, players place their bets, by putting the chips on the table in the specific place (e.g. number, color, etc) where they wish to bet. Once the bets are closed, the roulette wheel starts spinning with a small ball that goes around in the opposite direction. When the roulette wheel stops spinning, the ball settles into a number. Winning bets will then be paid out.
  • The roulette table accepts various types of external and internal bets, which we explain further ahead in the guide.

The rules of roulette in each variant have some peculiarities, which you can read below.


The European roulette is the most popular type of roulette. It is more advantageous for players than the American roulette, as it has a greater chance of winning. Its numbers go from 1 to 36 and zero.

When starting a European roulette game, the physical or online casino can adopt one of the following two extra rules. Make sure to know them before the game. These are:

  • En Prison Rule: valid for 1: 1 bets, in which you win the same amount you bet (i.e. red/black, even/odd, 1-18 and 19-36). According to this rule, when the ball falls on number zero, you have two options: 1) to collect half of your bet and lose the other half, or 2) leave the bet “en prison”, that is, imprisoned until the next round. In this scenario, if you lose in the next round, you lose both the “imprisoned” bet and the current one. If you win, you win both bets.
  • La Partage Rule: with this rule, if the ball falls to zero in 1: 1 bets, you immediately lose all the stakes.


In American roulette, there are two zeros in the wheel, which not only changes the rules of the game slightly, but also increases the casino edge, and by consequence, decreases your chances of winning. Therefore, if you’re starting now playing online, you might want to start with the European roulette.

American roulette has pockets that go from zero to 36 and an extra house, the double zero. The specific rules of American roulette are the following:

  • When the ball lands on zero or double zero, you lose the bet, unless your bet was on the zero or double zero.
  • American roulette allows a bet called Five Number Bet. This is the worst bet you can make because it offers the casino the biggest advantage of all the possible bets.


The difference between French roulette and American and European roulette is more stylistic than anything else. In French roulette, the design and color of the table are different, the names of the bets are in French, and the order of the numbers in the roulette itself is also different. This doesn’t change the basic rules of the game. Like in the European variant, the French roulette has 37 pockets, one being zero.

There is one specific rule that establishes the advantage of playing French roulette – La Partage. According to La Partage rule, when you place a bet that has a payment of 1: 1 (Manque, Pass, Rouge, and Noir) and the ball lands on zero, you only lose half the bet.


online roulette guideRoulette Gaming Rules

Learning how to play roulette can seem complex at first. But once you get used to it and learn how to play it, you can put your bets in place and have fun. In this roulette guide for beginners, we will tell you how.

We advise you with the European roulette because since it only has only single zero. Therefore, it’s simpler and gives the casino a small disadvantage when compared to the American roulette model.

As a starter, you should get familiar with the roulette table bets. A roulette board has an external and internal area. Internal bets are placed on the numbered area, while external ones are placed on colors, even and odd, dozen and high/low.

Online Roulette Betting Rules

In the internal area, you can bet on a single number or on several numbers at the same time. You can see below the possible internal bets:

  • Straight Up: When you bet on a single number, by placing a chip on it.
  • Two-number Split: When you bet on two numbers. The chip must be placed on the line separating the two numbers.
  • Street: You bet on 3 numbers and the chip must be placed on the first horizontal line between the numbers
  • Square: You bet on four numbers simultaneously by placing the chip at the center point between the four numbers
  • Five: As the name indicates, you bet on five numbers. The chip must be placed on the line between zero and the row of numbers you’re betting on
  • When betting on six numbers, your chip must remain on the edge of two streets, on the parallel line.

Regarding external bets, you have the following possible bets

  • Black/Red: You choose one color and the payout is 1: 1.
  • Even / Odd: Place the chip in one of these options to choose all even or odd numbers. The payout is also 1: 1.
  • 1st row / 2nd row / 3rd row: Choose whether you want to place your bet on the first, second, or third vertical line.
  • 1 to 12/13 to 24/25 to 36: Here, you bet on a whole column and the payout is 2: 1.


Playing the roulette online is easy and straightforward. The first step when learning how to play roulette is to find a safe and reliable online casino. You can choose to play online for free, or for money. However, if you want to bet money, you will need to register with a casino and make an initial deposit. Most casinos offer welcome bonuses for new players.

After registering, choose the best roulette game for you. Most casinos offer all types of roulette, as well as the option to play live.

Before you start playing and betting, it’s crucial you understand the game and its rules. Once you know how to play, just place your bet by placing your chips on the table using your computer mouse. If other players are at the table at the same time as you, you will have to wait until everyone has placed their bets before you can place yours.

Once the bets are finalized, the roulette wheel and the ball will spin. In the online game, you can see the roulette wheel spinning on the screen. When it stops, you will be able to see where the ball fell, and know whether you won or not your bet.


The odds of winning in online roulette are the same as live and physical roulette. It all depends on your bet. Each type of bet offers a different chance of winning, and each type of roulette variant has different odds. The odds of European and French roulette, for example, fluctuate between a 2.7% chance of winning (full number bet) to a 48.6% chance (1: 1 external bets). In American roulette, the chances vary from 2.63% chances of winning (full number bet) to 47.37% chances (1: 1 external bets).

Volatility in Roulette

Volatility or variation is very important in roulette. It refers to the frequency of winning odds and the size of the individual win. When playing games with high volatility you will certainly tend to lose more. Low volatility is the opposite and means that your chances of winning are higher but the amount you can win is smaller.

The most volatile bet on a roulette wheel is that of the internal area in a single number. Even if the odds are not in your favor, the chances of winning a higher value are always present.

Low volatility prizes are easier to win as black/red, even/odd, and high/low half bets. To have a chance to really make money you need to place high volatility bets. Although your chances are lower, you will be able to profit more from low volatility bets. Of course, that it is up to you to decide what is best for you.

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Remember that roulette is a game that depends on luck, so there are always risks involved.

There are bets that offer a greater chance of success, with smaller prizes. However, even with greater chances, defeat is still something to be considered in any game.

There are two types of bets: inside and outside bets, which are played on exact numbers and large groups of numerals, respectively. It is clear that the inside bets are more daring because they demand more specific results.

Which one should you choose? It depends! Players with a more contained approach to gambling can opt for outside bets, where the risks are lower, as well as the prizes. More daring players tend to prefer internal bets because they yield a higher prize.

Inside Bets

These are bets in concrete numbers and very specific. Such bets include 0 and 00. The more numbers selected, the greater the chances of winning.

Imagine that you choose the number 30, for example. The probability of correctness is 2.7%, in European Roulette, equivalent to 1/36. We do not recommend direct bets because they are too risky.

If you choose two numbers, you will have a margin of 5.4%. Choosing 3 numbers (street), the probability rises to 8.1%. And if you decide to bet on 4 numbers, the margin is 10.8%.

Any combination of larger numbers, 5, 6, or more numbers will have a poor balance between risk and prizes. That is, the risk of failure will be greater than the payment you will receive if you take the risk.

Outside Bets to Win at Online Roulette

We strongly advise outside bets so that you can maximize your long-term gains. Although they do not yield absurd prizes, they can be quite profitable.

Outside bets include selections between red or black, even or odd, low or high half, dozens, and columns. They have odds of up to 48.6% in European Roulette.

With outside bets, you can manage your budget, apply your winnings and do your best to minimize expenses, while in inside bets, it’s ‘all or nothing’.


  1. European and French roulette offer more chances of winning than American roulette.
  2. Play and practice with free roulette games before you start playing for money. This will help you better understand the game, gain experience and know your chances.
  3. Save your game winnings. For example, if you started by betting R $ 50 and won R $ 50, withdraw the amount you profited and continue to bet only with the initial R $ 50. Thus, you decrease the risk of losing large amounts.
  4. In physical casinos, test the roulette a few times before playing for money. This will help you to find out if it really generates random results or if it gives the casino more advantage.
  5. When you have the option to choose between the En Prison and La Partage rules, always choose En Prison, so you will have a better chance of not leaving empty-handed.
  6. One of the best gambling strategies is to start with the minimum bet and double the bet each time you lose. Once you win, go back to the minimum bet and repeat the process.


Knowing how to win at roulette every time is one of the most popular questions asked by roulette gamblers. The answer is simple: you don’t.

There is no strategy that will ever guarantee you a win. If you find a strategy that tells you how to always win at roulette, what is guaranteed is not the win but the falsehood in this statement.

We have already mentioned that there is no trick that guarantees a 100% win at roulette because the results are random. Nobody will be able to have a succession of winnings using betting systems. What matters the most in roulette is luck and that’s it.

You will find there are several supposedly foolproof and infallible techniques that circulate online, on social networks, forums, and discussion groups. We have one piece of advice for you: don’t believe them.

The roulette in physical casinos is no different from the online version since both offer similar chances of winning. However, there are some benefits when playing roulette online that make it more favorable.

First, playing online makes it easier to compare results, outline strategies, and analyze what is not working. Additionally, playing from home can be more comfortable since you are able to take breaks any time you want, without the pressure of being face-to-face with a croupier.

That said, there are a few strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning and reduce your losses, but remember, none of them will guarantee you a win.


We’ve gathered some basic roulette tips and tricks, that will not guarantee you a win, but will help you make the best decisions for a more favorable outcome.

  1. Choose a trustworthy casino to play

Make sure the casino you selected is safe and reliable and has a protected virtual environment that is regulated and audited.

  1. Organize your spending

Always keep in mind how much money you can invest. Like slots or scratch cards, roulette is not a source of income, but a way to have fun. Therefore, set a budget and do not exceed the amount.

Moreover, rather than betting everything in a single number, in an “all or nothing” style, divide this amount and place smaller bets that are not so risky. This will allow you to remain longer at the table.

If you start losing, don’t be tempted to add more money than you anticipated. This can become a vicious cycle.

  1. Don’t change your strategy

Moving from a cautious betting profile to something more appealing can be costly. Be aware of the fact that roulette is a draw, with chances of winning and losing.

When drawing up the budget, remember that this amount should be considered an expense, not an investment. That money should be ready to ‘be lost’. After all, you are counting on luck.

Changing strategies is an act of despair and unpreparedness, which can lead to drastic losses.

  1. Don’t get emotional

Don’t panic if you start losing. As mentioned in the previous tips, roulette is a game of luck, and all the money you set aside for it, in your mind you should be already considered ‘lost’ even before you place the bet. This mindset will help you to keep your head cool and manage your budget in the more rational way possible.

  1. Know when to stop

It is not only in the moments of consecutive defeats that you should stop. After a profitable bet, it is worth celebrating and withdrawing from the table.

Many people forget that roulette is random and delude themselves with the thought of being on a ‘lucky streak’. However, it is just a coincidence.

  1. Never play American Roulette

Something very important for players who intend to win at online roulette is to choose the correct variation. There is more than one version of roulette and not all offer the same benefits to gamblers.

Regarding the house edge, the is one gold tip: never play American Roulette.

Since the American roulette has more than one zero, its house edge is 5.4%, against an advantage of 2.7% to the casino in French and European roulette, which only have one pocket 0.

You may think the margin is small, but it is enough to make you lose a lot more money. It’s simple math.


To win at roulette, in addition to avoiding the Five Number Bet mentioned above, you need luck. There are some strategies and statistics to consider, but overall, roulette is a game of luck. After all, the game is based on random results, so it is unnecessary and irrelevant to memorize techniques to win at roulette.

One general piece of advice is to prefer the European roulette because in this variant your chances of losing are smaller.


We’ve mentioned this previously, but it is important to emphasize that the European Roulette brings you more benefits because it has only one pocket 0.

That French roulette is more suitable for gamblers who want to win more in the medium term.

Another detail is that the European version has additional rules that can benefit you.

The En Prison rule gives a second chance. If the ball falls in pocket 0, in the case of even/odd or red/black bets, you can “cancel” the draw and repeat the bet.

If you get it right, you get the investment back, without any profit. However, if you lose, the entire amount is paid to the house. Such a strategy serves to try to reduce losses, without the intention of profit, since the first move is lost, as the ball falls on 0.

In French Roulette, there is the La Partage rule. It is less risky than En Prison and reduces the house advantage by around 1.35%. In red/black and even/odd bets, if the ball falls on 0, you receive half the amount invested back.

Please note that not all casinos comply with these rules, so we recommend reading the instructions beforehand and decide for yourself whether the benefits are worth it.


The 3/2 method is likely the most successful roulette strategy, and it works with two separate bets: one on one of the columns and one on the outside section. The point is to cover both sections and even out the risk.

To do this, you need to analyze the roulette board:

  • The second column has 8 black numbers and 4 red numbers.
  • The third shows 8 reds and 4 blacks.
  • Imagine one of the chips placed in the column with more black numbers and another in the bet of only black numbers.

If both bets are correct, it will be possible to double the investment made with the chip in the black group and triple the investment with the column chip.

With this roulette betting strategy, if you only win the column bet, you will still have more money than when you started. If you only win the color bet, you won’t lose or win money. However, if you fail both, you will lose all the money bet.


You will find many roulette guides online with miraculous winning tips, some with the ultimate roulette winning formula. In reality, there are always rumors and false claims about the casino world. Such untruths can hinder gamblers, precisely because roulette is a game of chance. For instance, there are myths spread over the internet about the possibility to predict where the ball will land. This is simply not true, just like all the alleged methods that promise to make you win big time. In the case of online casinos, the results are generated by algorithms, so there is no way to believe in schemes.

One of the most famous myths states that you can keep an eye on the table and memorize the moves of the ball, in order to predict the next ones. According to this ‘strategy’, if 4 black numbers come out in sequence, it is recommended to place a high bet on the red. This is just silly.

The fifth round can draw a red number, but it can also be a black number again. There is no logic to a drawing because it is random. The ball has no memory, every move can fall in any pocket.

Don’t Use the Martingale Strategy

Another strategy you should stay away from is Martingale. According to this strategy, you must choose one of the following options: even/odd, black/red, and high half/low half. Then you should decide what your minimum bet is, i.e. base bet value. For each round you win, you must double the stake in the next round, up to a limit of 2 times. Then return to the base value. If you lose, you must double your bet to try to recover your balance.

Now, no bet offers 50%, but just over 48%. Therefore, this strategy doesn’t work. Imagine that a player bets 2$ and loses, and bets 4 $ next. Again, they lose again and bet 16 $…  From here, it is easy to see how this strategy is a pitfall. In roulette, there is absolutely no way to count on victory. It’s simply not possible.

Always Choose to the European Roulette

Choosing European Roulette over the American version is already a sign of strategy. Managing the budget and not believing in myths is another attitude that will bring you benefits and help you lose less. More than that, you need to be aware of the randomness of the draw and use logic to make smart and responsible bets.

Never Forget…

It’s impossible to guarantee a win no matter what roulette strategy you use. Sometimes you will win, sometimes you will lose.

The secret is to learn how to balance out your bets, so you don’t leave the game losing money. As a player, the best way to play roulette and minimize your losses is to last longer at the table without adding more funds than what you had initially planned out.

If you are a new gambler, you can use roulette bonuses to start playing and get familiar with the game before spending money.







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