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Touchdown Prop Bets

TLD prop bets

Legal online sportsbooks are prepared with odds for a wide variety of NFL touchdown prop bets for another action-packed week of regular season play. Wagers can be placed on any player to score a touchdown, on any player to become the game’s first touchdown scorer, and on any player to score numerous touchdowns.

Despite their unpredictable outcomes, many NFL bettors enjoy the thrill of the chase with first TD prop bets. So let’s check out the current NFL TD props odds and some of this week’s best bets.

What is a First Touchdown Scorer Bet?

You win the bet if you correctly predict the player who will get the first touchdown scorer pass. Or who will be the first player to cross the goal line with the ball. The receiver of the TD scorer bets is not considered a touchdown scorer. Only the person possessing the ball in the end zone is.

What’s the Best Sportsbook for NFL TD props?

Football TD props odds are a popular betting option. There are many TD sportsbooks. So it all comes down to personal preference on where to choose among New Jersey Sports Betting operators. In addition, options in several states include sites like DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars, and BetMGM.

Props on touchdowns prop bets can also be included. Anytime TD scorer parlay wagers cover many games, whether for the same game or conventional parlays. Here’s a full list of NFL Betting Sites:







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What is an Anytime Touchdown Scorer Bet?

When it comes to betting on anytime TD scorer props, no silver bullet can guarantee success. However, although football is still a highly unpredictable sport, you may do certain things to increase the number of games you win.

You need to accurately predict which player will end the game with NFL touchdown props to come out on top of this NFL bet. Bets on the player who enters the end zone count, not the quarterback who threw the touchdown pass to that player, just as they do for the “first TD prop bets.”

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Anytime Touchdown Scorer Meaning

Wagering on a player to score a touchdown prop bets at any time throughout the game is known as “anytime touchdown scorer.” It is pretty self-explanatory given the name. Although offensive athletes are the primary emphasis of these anytime TD scorer prop, defensive and special teams players are also fair game. So, in conclusion, we recommend against focusing on them. Trying to anticipate when a defensive or special teams for touchdown prop bets will occur is a waste of time because it is doubtful.

However, predicting a TD scorer prop by rushing and receiving is more manageable. There will be an anytime TD scorer prop placed at the various bookmakers for most of the starting quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. You may also get odds better than even money on the best players, aka the ones who are most likely to be the first TD prop bets. However, anytime touchdown scorer players who struggle to put the ball in the net are frequently available for substantial plus-money bonuses.

Betting on players to anytime touchdown scores meaning at any point, is therefore, a two-pronged strategy. Anytime TD scorer prop bets, players like Jonathan Taylor and Cooper Kupp usually pay off. Despite this, the reward will be modest, and the weeks in which they fail to score will do more significant damage to your bankroll.

It is the opposite of betting on the team’s No. 4 receiver. Those all-time TD scorer prop bets will result in many more losses, but each one will be less severe. When they anytime TD scorer parlay, you’ll receive a much larger prize as well.

Both methods have advantages and can be used each week interchangeably.

Tips for Touch Down Prop Bets

touchdown prop bets

It’s exciting to place a wager on an NFL touchdown props, but it may be disheartening if your chosen players don’t score. Unfortunately, that possibility will always be present, no matter how thorough your investigation is. Still, here are a few things to keep in mind as you decide where to wager your money:

  • Fantasy projections and statistics: The concepts of TD prop odds and fantasy sports are very similar. Identical strategies are employed in both contexts: predicting which players would excel. There is plenty of fantasy prediction sites or mobile apps. While no resource can guarantee accurate results, you can find some reliable resources to aid you in your investigation.
  • Gameplay and expected result: You can figure out how many points the TD sportsbook expects to be scored based on the line. Your imagination can run wild from there as you try to plot out the game’s flow. Your ability to predict the outcome of the NFL TD props competition will improve. That’s if you take a step back and look at the big picture.
  • Matchup and recent performance: Explore more to find out which teams in this week’s games have the potential to be effective on the ground or through the air on TD sportsbook. Next, look at the trends from the most recent games to find the most intriguing players. It’s essential to keep an eye out for hot and cold streaks, both in individuals and entire teams.

TD Prop Bets FAQs:

What is a touchdown scorer bet?

Picking a player who will be the first touchdown scorer in the game is a must. This if you want to win this NFL wager. Like the first touchdown scorer bet explained, 2nd Touchdown bets involve the guy who scores the first touchdown odds. And not the quarterback who set up the play.

How does a prop bet work?

A proposition bet, or anytime scorer bets, is a wager on a sporting event that does not depend on the final score. In addition, there are game-wide props and team-specific props. Both of these can significantly affect anytime touchdown scores meaning players’ distinct performances. They are also a common theme in many of the most sought-after props.

Which states can bet on NFL player props?

Props involving NFL TD props players are available in all jurisdictions. This is where gambling on NFL games is permitted for anytime scorer bets. Seventeen states are on the list: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey Sports Betting, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

When do NFL props come out?

During the NFL preseason, regular season, and playoffs, first touchdown odds are typically released 48 hours before kickoff. So expect to see NFL Super Bowl props released anytime touchdown scores meaning around the two-week mark before kickoff. Sportsbooks want to make sure they appropriately account for injuries when the first touchdown scorer bet explains making NFL player prop bets and odds. Thus it’s common for more basic player prop bets to be offered earlier in the week during the regular season.