Craps Odds Guide

Playing a round of Craps odds will surely get your blood pumping like no other casino game. No wonder it’s available at the top online casinos in New Jersey. It’s as thrilling as the one seen in media like TV programs and movies.

However, those unfamiliar with craps may find the game intimidating. The online version of the game is more straightforward to understand. This is in comparison to the live version but otherwise operates in the same way.

We looked closely at the chances associated with each craps bet and how to bet odds in craps. Of course, you may use the chances of craps to your advantage, but only if you know what you’re doing. And before we get started, it’s essential to know that craps are often regarded as one of the casinos’ most player-friendly games.

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How do You Play Craps?

Craps Odds

First, you must know the fundamentals of the game before delving into the craps table odds.

Every bets on the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line are the foundation of the craps table. Now it’s time for the come-out roll, which the first shooter makes. If the player makes a 7 or 11 on the come-out roll, Pass Line bets win at 1:1, and Don’t Pass Line bets lose.

When the shooter makes a 2, 3, or 12, the Don’t Pass Line bet wins at 1:1; on a 12, the shooter’s roll is a push. Any 2, 3, or 12 is a loss for Pass Line bets. In this stage, the shooter fails and must be replaced before play may resume.

If the come-out roll results in a number other than 1, the new point is 1. After a point is made, wagering may begin, and the shooter has until they either roll the point number again or a 7.

Winning Strategy and the Best Odds for Craps

There is a distinction between learning the odds in craps, comprehending the chances, and utilizing the best odds in craps to your advantage. When you know the rules of the game and the chances, you may utilize that information to your advantage by doing the following steps:

Straightforward Strategy

Keeping to easy bets with a slight house advantage is the cornerstone of every craps beginner’s approach. You can only do this by wagering on the Pass Line or the Don’t Pass.

Playing the Odds

Add some flair to your Pass Line and Don’t Pass bets with the probability wagers that go along with them.

Gambling the maximum number on the Pass Line Odds and Don’t Pass Odds after the point has been made is always a solid decision since the house has no advantage in any of these bets. There is no more excellent wager in the whole gambling establishment.

The Hard Ways

In the case of Hard Ways, a win on a 6 or 8 pays 9:1, while the actual odds are 10:1. The payout for a Hard Ways 4 or 10 is 7:1. However, the craps odds bet are 8:1. This means that the house has an advantage of between 9 and 11 percent on such wagers. It’s tough to overcome that in the long run, making the Hard Ways a risky gamble.

Indecent Proposition

Just like with the Hard Ways, never allow the promise of a large sum of money from props to influence your decision. For most props, the actual odds of winning at craps are significantly greater. Although the 30:1 or 33:1 payouts on Aces or Boxcars are enticing, they come with the game’s highest house advantage of approximately 14%.

When playing craps, you should avoid placing “double six” or “ace” bets until the house edge is reduced to 35:1. If you want to test the odds and attempt to become fortunate in the near term, you should place the wager more than 30 times.

How Do Dealers Calculate Craps Payouts?

Operators in a game of craps may be responsible for calculating payments for as many as twenty gamers at once. Given the rapid speed of play, dealers might use various strategies to keep track of customers’ wagers and payments.

Craps Betting Odds FAQs

What are the best odds in craps?

Don’t pass/don’t come is the best craps play in terms of odds, with the house having an advantage of just 1.36%. The “free odds” feature, available after the point has been established, further improves the situation by lowering the house edge to as little as 0.01%.

What are the odds on 6 and 8 in craps?

Placing wagers on the digits six and eight must be made in multiples of six dollars. It is because the actual chances of rolling such figures are 6 to 5. Still, a thriving place bet on those numbers pays $7 to $6. An excellent play is the 6 and 8, with the house advantage at just 1.52 percent.

What casino has the best odds for craps?

In the Strat, the odds are 10 to 1.

As the sole wager in a casino where the player has a statistically significant advantage, it is a good bet. The Strat’s craps odds chart tables provide 10x odds. Still, the chances at other Strip casinos are just 3–5x, enabling bets of up to 5x the initial amount.

What’s the safest bet in craps?

With a house advantage of just 1.41%, the passing wager is one of the safest in all the craps despite being the game’s most basic wager. For every $10 wagered on a Pass, $20 is returned in winnings. If the come-out roll is a 7 or 11, you win the pass bet, but you lose if the number is a 2, 3, or 12.